The Annual Mid-C Seminar, started in 1997, has developed into an international meeting, attracting 200 plus electric industry participants from all over the United States, four Canadian provinces, and a couple of  guests from Europe.

It is held each year in July, in Wenatchee, Washington, home of the Mid-Columbia generation hub on the Columbia River.

Doug Frazier and Bill Dearing started this seminar and continue to host, with the foremost goal of addressing pertinent issues of the industry through proven expert speakers.
It is an excellent networking opportunity, complete with a golf tournament, wine tasting events, and other local social activities which highlight the beautiful Central Washington area.

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Doug’s electric utility career has included the opportunity to work his way up through a public utility. Starting as a draftsman, he went on to run a backhoe in the water department. Then he finished an overhead lineman apprenticeship and served 6-7 years as a journeyman lineman. Doug then moved into the power resources department and worked as a power scheduler and a load/resource manager. The final phase of his career was as part of a newly formed marketing team, having the assignment of developing customer relations.

Because of the Mid-C experience, and also through his utility experience, he developed an extensive list of friends and contacts throughout the industry, especially the marketing side. Doug has worked with several marketing companies, helping them establish themselves as players in the Pacific Northwest.

He can help you expand your operation in the Northwest or help introduce you and your company to the established players.
If you would like to hold a large meeting, he can use his experience to help with the details of organization and implementation. Doug has had several years of experience as a utility rep for various WECC and WSPP committees, both in scheduling/marketing and operations, so is familiar with their purpose and function.

Please contact Doug for more info, fees, questions, etc. – See contact page