Team members will hike 2 miles into campsite, carrying their sleeping bags. The event coordinator will pack the rest of their gear on horseback. Of course, good weather is required. The trip is fun, easy and relaxing, with good food and beautiful surroundings.

Each participant will be assigned a duty to perform while at the site, i.e. gather wood, set-up tents, get water, help with clean-up, etc. Food planning and preparation will be provided.

One of the big advantages of this team-building exercise is that all participants are together for the duration without outside interruptions. They will also depend on each other to fulfill each of their responsibilities, which will result in a comfortable, fun experience (and an obvious example of a team effort). Participants will be safe and supervised throughout the trip.

Classes are centered on the primary idea that “I am responsible for my own thoughts and actions and I am the only one who can change or improve them.”

The training and classes cover individual attitudes, goals and communication skills.

If you have a small group of folks who work closely together, this trip is an ideal way to create trust, better understand each others responsibilities and appreciate each others skills and abilities.

Some of the subjects covered are:
Qualities of a successful team / Traits of a good leader / Dealing with weakness and failure / Attitudes of a Team Player / Attitude of a Servant / and  Communication

This trip is designed to last three days and two nights. A meeting will be arranged with the prospective group leader sometime before the trip (could be weeks) to explain details and answer questions. Meeting in the spring, trip in the summer.

Doug has had a lot of experience with these sorts of trips while employed by a public utility in Washington. The primary emphasis then was on building good customer relationships, which was highly successful.

Doug has had 40 plus years of experience with horse packing for personal recreation, as well as with Search and Rescue in Lane County and is qualified as a packer/support for the Deschutes County Search and Rescue.

Please contact Doug for further details, references, qualifications, pricing, and logistics. Click on Contact page.